Synthetic Golf – Putting Green and More

Why Use Synthetic Golf Greens – Residential & Commercial Benefits

  • The absolute best golf practice at home
  • True ball roll at PGA speed
  • Accepts chips from over 150 yards
  • Great for driving range applications
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations, water hazards and sand traps
  • Increased curb appeal and property value

Synthetic Golf Environments

If you are seeking the most advanced training aid for your golf game a backyard putting green will shave the strokes from your game within weeks. Synthetic putting greens are a necessity for tomorrow’s PGA masters.

Now commonly owned, the private golf green makes the difference when competing with your buddies as well. National Greens offers a multitude of design features including sand traps, chipping areas, driving areas, hazards, custom lighting and many other amenities to excite your game of golf.

We create professional tour quality greens that have true ball roll and speeds. Our premium synthetic golf green application hold chips, pitches, and full shots like a natural professional green.

Owning a realistic putting green greatly improves your short game and eliminates costly strokes as you approach the green in competitive play.

We offer several custom flag and chipping pad options for each client’s particular project. Greens can be designed with single holes or multiple for additional practice angles and approach shots.

National greens can provide you with all this in a professional, economical, and timely manner.

Pros Love it!

Pros Choice
Jon Zieske

Arkansas PGA Chapter President

Arkansas PGA Chapter President. 2010 PGA Professional of the Year. Head PGA Professional at Alotian Golf Club, Rolad AR. 35th Annual Nike Cup Match Champion. Jon has also been awarded 2005, 2007, and 2008 President’s Council Awards.

“The artificial putting green that National Greens installed in my yard is like nothing I have seen. It actually holds full shots and reacts like a real green. The surface is also very receptive to pitch shots and chip shots. The putting surface is true and the speed of the greens can be adjusted to your preference. I am very pleased with not only the quality of the work but more importantly the service that Jeremy Still has provided. It’s like we have our own golf hole in our front yard.”

  • The absolute best golf practice at home or business
  • True ball roll at PGA speed (adjustable stimp speed)
  • Accepts shots from over 150 yards
  • Great for driving range applications
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations, water hazards and sand traps

Rocco won’t go back to plain old grass…

Faux Sod for your Pet’s Faux Pas

Face it. Your dog is a digger. And as much you love your adorable pet, their relentless digging will only get progressively worse. Your once beautifully manicured lawn, now destroyed. Riddled with two-feet deep sinkholes (but at least the brown spots aren’t as noticeable anymore), although your yard does resemble a life-size game of “Whack a Mole!

Look out your window. I bet he’s digging right now.

These holes, as hideous as they look, also present potential trip hazards for friends and families.

Even though the damage to your property has been done, it doesn’t have to continue. But what can you do? Protect your lawn from the deep digging paws of a pet with pet grass.

Key Places for Dog Spaces

Dogs, like humans, need their own space.

National Greens can design a space exclusively for your pet. No more worn out areas along your fence line from your dog’s constant back and forth running, no more deep holes or ugly brown spots from pet waste.

When we begin the installation process, we attach the artificial grass to a perimeter board. This protects against the turf being pulled up at the edges.

Installing pet grass detours your dog from digging after critters that live in underground burrows (moles, chipmunks, groundhogs, ground squirrels, even grub worms). Out of sight, out of mind.