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Jon Zieske

Arkansas PGA Chapter President

Arkansas PGA Chapter President. 2010 PGA Professional of the Year. Head PGA Professional at Alotian Golf Club, Rolad AR. 35th Annual Nike Cup Match Champion. Jon has also been awarded 2005, 2007, and 2008 President’s Council Awards.

“The artificial putting green that National Greens installed in my yard is like nothing I have seen. It actually holds full shots and reacts like a real green. The surface is also very receptive to pitch shots and chip shots. The putting surface is true and the speed of the greens can be adjusted to your preference. I am very pleased with not only the quality of the work but more importantly the service that Jeremy Still has provided. It’s like we have our own golf hole in our front yard.”

  • The absolute best golf practice at home or business
  • True ball roll at PGA speed (adjustable stimp speed)
  • Accepts shots from over 150 yards
  • Great for driving range applications
  • Custom breaks, ridges, undulations, water hazards and sand traps

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