About Us

HoustonTurf.com was established in 2002 as a subsidiary company of National Greens. Our team prides itself on exceptional craftsmanship, quality products, and first-rate customer service. We specialize in private lawns, commercial spaces, playgrounds, putting greens, fairways, pet spaces, and much more.

History of Artificial Grass

The City of Houston is the birthplace of mainstream artificial turf applications. The Houston Astros opened the Astrodome in 1965. Players immediately complained that they could not properly track fly balls due to the glare coming from the glass panes in the ceiling. The panes were painted over midseason, but that led to the grass surface dying out due to lack of sunlight. The team solved the problem the following season by installing an artificial surface called ChemGrass. The company changed the product name to AstroTurf once the Astrodome became the first major sports stadium to install synthetic turf. The Chicago White Sox became the first baseball team to install artificial turf in an outdoor field in 1969. Several NFL teams use artificial in the 21st century, as do golf courses and field hockey playing surfaces.

Water Conservation

HoustonTurf.com is committed to protecting the precious ecosystem of our planet and conserving our most vital resource: water. The typical family of four in the USA uses more than 70 gallons of water per day to water lawns and gardens, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Further, utilizing non-adaptive plants in landscaping increases outdoor water use per household by upwards of 50% Synthetic turf lawns require virtually no water to maintain a lush, green, immaculate lawn. Landscaping, including synthetic turf lawns, also increases home values by up to 15% and last 20 years or more.

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